Berkowitz Cohen Wartski is a well established, medium-sized firm with a strong tradition of uncompromising performance in multiple practice areas such as Road Accident Fund Claims (RAF), Medical Malpractice including Medical Negligence and Personal Injury Claims to name a few

We have a wealth of experience particularly in our main focus practice areas, specialising in various fields in which we endeavor to ensure the highest professional and ethical standards and efficient service to our clients.

We are proud of our good working relationship with our clients and the satisfaction of our clients is of paramount importance to us.

We are well situated in the Durban CBD area, within walking distance of counsels chambers, the Master’s Office and the High Court, with direct access from Pine Parkade into our building. We pride ourselves in being one of the best RAF law firms in Durban

Reg Berkowitz, after having obtained his Natal Law Certificate at the University of Natal and completing 5 years of Articles of Clerkship, commenced practice in the early 1960’s in offices in Joe Slovo (formerly Field) Street, Durban, under his own name.

Very shortly thereafter, he was joined by Aubrey Jacobs, who was practicing as an advocate at the Natal Bar, and later on by Milton Kirkel, who had practiced for about 15 years in Margate on the South Coast.

The practice was known as Berkowitz Jacobs & Kirkel. From the outset the firm was primarily a commercial practice and soon had a large clientele of prominent Durban businessmen.
In 1973, Ken Cohen, who previously practiced in Pietermaritzburg, joined the firm, which then became known as Berkowitz Jacobs Kirkel & Cohen.

Ken introduced into the firm insurance litigation and eventually specialised in motor vehicle accident claims, which he continues to do, to the extent that he has become the doyen of attorneys who practice in this field in Durban.

The firm then embarked on a series of amalgamations. The most significant being with Moss Morris Greenberg and later Wartski Greenberg in 1985 when Ray Wartski and Mark Greenberg joined the firm, which is today known as Berkowitz Cohen Wartski.

The current three partners in the firm are Errol Sibiya, Barry McCulloch and Jonathan Mazoue.  A professional compliment of 7 attorneys, 3 candidate attorneys and a diverse support staff of some 30 team members.

The firm offers a range of expertise in a number of facets of the law but its main areas of practice are:

Berkowitz Cohen Wartski has been described as one of Durban’s leading law firms. It is the mission of the firm to strive to serve our client’s requirements with legal excellence, supported by a high work ethic and integrity, resulting in the expeditious resolution of their claims and legal matters.

All of the Professional Staff in the practice undertake on an individual level to give something back to the community and to the profession. Whether it is by assisting individuals through pro bono litigation or taking the time out of our individual practices to lecture to Candidate Attorneys.

The practice as a collective has been associated  for many years with the Reach For A Dream Foundation. The practice has undertaken fund raising drives, the proceeds of which are awarded to Reach For A Dream to enable them to achieve their goals and ambitions. To date, we are proud to say that, through such efforts, we have managed to raise in excess of R 1 million for this charity.

BCW respects and embraces the diverse make up of our society. One of its objectives is transformation and it strives to reflect the demographic of the country through the internal diversity of the firm.

The legal professionals at the Practice actively participate in the imparting of knowledge and the development of young talent in a transforming legal community.

The Practice is committed to employment equity at all levels. Its policy requires removal of discriminatory barriers and the establishment of internal goals with timeframes for the achievement of employment equity.

At present all of the Professional legal staff (excluding partners), who are at the practice and who are admitted attorneys, are previously disadvantaged individuals (PDIs). We further ensure that our yearly intake of candidate attorneys includes PDIs who were not enfranchised prior to 1994.

84% of non professional staff are PDIs.

The Practice acknowledges that for historical reasons Black Counsel have not had the opportunity to gain as much experience and work as was available and accordingly we promote the use of Black Counsel. It is further a policy of the practice to outsource much of its non legal functions to PDIs who would not have had the opportunity to receive such work previously.

In April 2016, BCW successfully completed the BEE Verification process with SAB&T BEE SERVICES and has been awarded with the Broad Based BEE verification status of a Level Two Contributor.